VOTE NOW: Round 2 New Street Name Survey

May 30, 2022
Good afternoon,

As part of the master plan of the lands west of the Automotive Building and south of the Sterling Road/Perth Avenue intersection, a new private road will be constructed connecting the Sterling/Perth intersection and Sterling Road (between 128 and 158 Sterling). 
Hines and Marlin Spring, as joint owners of the new street, have asked the community to brainstorm potential names for the new street, and are conducting a survey to understand the community’s preferred street name. The list of name ideas found in the survey are directly from the community’s recommendations and have been short listed based on results from the first round of voting. 

Please click the link below to complete the survey and make your voice heard. Second round voting will finish by June 12 so please complete the survey before then.

The voting is being done in two stages: first with this survey to narrow the list of names down, and a final vote to confirm the recommendation. This survey is the second and final round of voting.

Thank you for participating in our survey, your feedback is important! And as always, please share this email and link with our neighbours so they can make their voice heard too.