September 12th Construction Update

September 12, 2022

Good evening,

Due to a concrete shortage as well as a delay in the installation of new hydro poles along the new Perth Avenue, the completion of the new southern section of Perth Avenue and the new West Toronto Railpath connection is delayed 1 month to the end of October of this year. Once this scope of work is completed, and the new Perth Avenue is opened, the temporary free parking lot that Marlin Spring has been providing to the community will be closed and construction will start on the new ½ acre park NW of the Sterling/Perth intersection.

We are trying to complete this work as quickly as we can as we know how beneficial reopening the WTRP connection and the new sidewalks will be to the community. We recently opened a new sidewalk on the south side of Sterling Road between the Sterling/Perth intersection and the Auto BLDG earlier than planned because we’ve heard from the community how difficult this area continues to be to traverse by pedestrians.