October 14th Update: Reopening of WTRP Connection

October 14, 2021

Good afternoon,

Our general contractor has fast-tracked the work on the West Toronto Railpath connection immediately south of the new townhomes on Perth Avenue, and we are happy to announce that the connection has now been reopened. The connection is in a temporary, graded condition and will need to be temporarily closed again in the spring to allow for final landscaping and paving to be completed. The connection is accessible by walking southbound on the sidewalk on the west side of Perth Avenue.

We continue to hear from the community regarding concerns about dirt and trucks exiting the site north to Bloor Street via Sterling Road. We hear your concerns and are working very closely with our general contractor and trades to ensure these concerns are addressed. We appreciate anyone who reaches out and encourage you to email us directly if there are any concerns.

Lastly, Hines and MOCA have collaborated with Planta Muisca to install artwork on the construction hoarding surrounding the Automotive Building (adjacent to Forna Cultura). We encourage everyone to explore the new installation which showcases the progression/life cycle of the cacao plant, which has been central to Latin indigenous communities for centuries.  The design begins with the early stages of plant development (seedlings, and goes through the entirety of the life cycle, including harvest). The figures reference iconography that holds great symbolic weight in Mesoamerican cultures — the jaguar, serpent, frog. They are also creatures that highlight the importance of balance and responsive engagement between humans and the natural world.