August 9th Community Update

August 9, 2021

Good morning,

Late last week, the City completed its repairs of the sinkhole located on Sterling Road that was preventing our construction vehicles from accessing the site via Dundas Street. Now that these repairs have been completed, trucks leaving the construction site have been directed to head south to Dundas St. and not head north on Sterling Road. We’d like to thank the Councillor’s office for their work expediting these repairs and to the community for being patient and understanding as we worked through this challenge.

Additionally, we continue to hear from the community regarding the amount of dust the site is creating. This current part of the construction process is the most dust-heavy due to the movement, excavation, and hauling off of dirt and the dry soil conditions created by the warm weather. On days when the site is dry, the best method for limiting dust is to apply water to the site on a regular basis which we are doing as much as we can. We anticipate that with the truck traffic heading south to Dundas Street, the transition into wetter weather in the fall, and the completion of the ground improvements onsite will all help reduce the amount of dust created.

Thank you for your understanding,