April 14th Construction Update

April 14, 2022

Good afternoon,

We hope you are enjoying the change in weather and are looking forward to a restful and relaxing long weekend. 

We have been hearing concerns about the disruptions caused by the work being completed at the Perth/Sterling intersection and wanted to provide some additional information to the community. The disruptions you’re experiencing are a result of Enbridge installing a new gas line that will service the community and replace the existing line underneath Perth Avenue. We understand that Enbridge has been taking up a lot of the intersection and causing disruption, and we have shared those concerns with Enbridge, but we (Hines and Marlin Spring) have no control over the means and methods of how they complete their work. Thankfully, Enbridge’s installation of the gas line should be completed by the end of next week, and thus their occupation of the area (and valued street parking spots) will go away. Thanks for your patience as this important work is being done, and if you have any further specific concerns about the work please reach out to Enbridge’s Ombudsman (416-495-6155). 

Secondly, given it is a long weekend we wanted to let you know that a very limited number of workers, if any, will be on site this weekend working on our buildings. We’ve also been told by Enbridge that they don’t plan to do any work on their gas line over the weekend as well.

Thanks and have a great weekend,